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First let me tell you a bit about why the Eleos guide will convert like hotcakes for you:

What Is Eleos Guide?

The Eleos guide is a complete guide for the game of TERA that has been launched on May 1st 2012 in North America and the 3rd in the U.K and Europe.

The game has been eagerly anticipated and is touted to be one of the top MMORG’s of 2012! You only have to look at other MMORG’s to see how popular that means this will become. Think about World of Warcraft and more recently SWTOR that have really become popular!

You only have to look at how well the Closed BETA did for TERA for an idea of how hungry this market is:

Then when you add in the fact that people pay a monthly fee to play the game you have a VERY HUNGRY crowd that want to level fast!

Why Eleos Guide?

Eleos guide contains a complete leveling guide for Tera, Class guide and gold guide all at one price and the sales copy is red hot so you can expect conversions with ease! Eleos guide has been brought to you by the same team as SWTOR Savior which topped 100 gravity and was the leading guide out of all of the competition!

More than this we offer one on one coaching and all of the tools you need to promote the guide with ease!

Give us a test and we GUARANTEE you will not be disappointed!

Also here are some recent conversions!

The site has just launched and is converting VERY well - 1 in 7 for one affiliate!

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Affiliate Details And Link

How Much Can You Make:

The Eleos Guide sells for $34.99 and you make 75% of every sale!

With a RED HOT sales page and a HUNGRY crowd you should be able to easily bring in 4- 5 sales a day to start you off making you $131+ a day!

Once you ramp it up a little you can easily make 10+ sales a day!

Here is your affiliate link:


All you need to do is send people to that link using your Clickbank ID and you will make 75% of every sale!

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Affiliate Tools

Google Adwords & PPC

To start generating targeted traffic quickly one of the best ways is through Google Adwords or PPC
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If you want to generate traffic without having to spend money then check out these forums and post with a signature link going through to the product:


Plus you can find plenty more by running a search for ‘Tera Forums’…

Answer Sites:

Pop over to Yahoo Answers and other answer sites and answer questions about Tera with a link to your site underneath.
Some good signature links:

The Top Leveling Guide For Tera:

Want To Level To 60 In Just 6 Days?


Top Unofficial Tera Guide:




More Tools On The Way...

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